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Your college has not prepared you for everything. The ‘real world’ is going to be a BIG change, more than you can ever imagine when you are sitting in the classroom thinking about outside world. Building employability skills & successful transition from life as a student to life as a productive employee is hence very critical.Build all the required skills with us in a FUN way.Participate in our uniquely designed contests/challenges to get jobs/internships, build your employability skills, learn from the what experts say about careers. You learn with us by ‘doing’.

Explore Companies

Explore companies,their culture,their employees,their technologies by reading the articles written by themselves for us. They not only talk about their business but also write about careers to help you take better decisions.They are one of the FASTEST GROWINGs & have carved a niche for themselves. They will give you an opportunity to participate in their contests which can give you many things right from a job, an internship, a project, some unique opportunity etc. Build not just contacts but your own Employer Pipeline!

Explore Industries

Get the BIG picture of different industries, their culture, growth potential, key drivers, employment forecast, key roles, basic eligibility & skill requirements. Learn to identify a right company which can GROW MUCH FASTER than others. Make your choice wisely and ride on it not only for the fastest growth but also for a satisfying career.

Explore yourSELF

Exploring yourSELF is the most important step in identifying what you are made for which should be the basis for choosing a career which will keep you ‘satisfied’.Get connected with yourSELF by using different tools and techniques shared by us.Check what experts say on related important topics and learn from them.Watch this space closely to be on a continuous path to Explore yourSELF.


What you Get

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