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Is the job of a manager to keep his people busy?

Is the job of a manager to keep his people busy?

Me : My team never comes up with new ideas.

Myself: Why that? Are they dumb?

Me : How can they be dumb? I selected them.

Myself : So how come they behave like a dumb now? Are you giving them freedom?

Me : No, I am a smart Manager. I always keep them busy.

Myself : Do one thing first. Give them some space and see the difference.

The job of a manager should not be to keep his people busy. It should be rather reverse, to make them FREE.

The more he trains them, the less busy they become and the more FREEdom they get. The more they become FREE, the more they will innovate.

Innovation happens when NO ONE IS WATCHING and when your mind is FREE.

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