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Smart work or Hard Work?

Hard work vs smart work

Me : I work SMART.

Myself : OK. Do you work HARD as well?

Me : No. HARD work is old fashioned.

Myself : Smart work is fashionable because it gives you quick wins. It makes you win battles, but the WAR is won by HARD work & SMART work together. Definitely not by SMART work alone. Work smart but not so smart that you discourage the hard work.

No outstanding achievement in this world is without hard work.

In fact according to me, the real smart work is to ‘soft’en the hard work. Make hard work ingrained in yourself, your corporate, your society, so much so that it keeps you going, always and then you work SMART in whatever you do without getting tired. Any individual or a corporate who achieves this enjoy a substantial competitive advantage over many others.

This is what is commonly called as Culture, which is very difficult to copy.

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