This guide would be incomplete without this topic of automation. Use of technology is a must in training and development in today’s world. It not only saves costs but is also much more effective in many aspects. In addition to traditional automation, the cloud and SaaS is now offering amazing options to you.

LMS Buy or Rent

The most important technology decision that you need to take is LMS : Buy or Rent?

Few years back the answer to this could have been buy. In fact the rent option was non existent. But with cloud and SaaS revolution, it is recommended that you go for renting an LMS option. Renting is lean because of the below benefits :

1) No set up

When you rent your LMS there is no question of set up. The time, energy and money needed for set up is zero.

2) No Maintenance

In addition to maintenance, no need to maintain the LMS software if you are renting it as a SaaS based service. No maintenance of software (updates etc), no maintenance of servers and IT Infrastructure. You can focus on your core business and rest assured of best in class service from your vendors who are reliable with the advances of technology.

3) Scalable

If you have your own LMS, you are going for an in-house elephant. When the needs change, it becomes a major investment decision for you hampering your decision making and scalability.

4) Security and Privacy

This is the MOST dicy topic. You may have your own views on it but here is a fact. In today’s connected world, are you really serious about your security and privacy? The border everywhere are so thin, that no body knows who is safe and who is not. Post Corona complications are only going to add complexities to subject decision making. There are still two thoughts but looking at ROI, there should be no harm in trusting companies providing a reliable solution.

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