Which course I should enroll?

Open the chatbot at the right bottom, select your dream role and get the top skills needed to excel in it! (Ensure that you are logged in to your Facebook Messenger while chatting). Enroll for those courses by clicking on respective course tab.

If your course is not available, please update it in the profile during registration. We will explore to build a course around it. Alternatively you can also write to [email protected] with the subject line as ‘New course requirements’.

Who creates the course?

Anybody who is an expert and passionate about the subject can create a course with us. We have a proper process laid out to use the expertise of the person in line with our micro learning and social learning philosophy. The instructors are trained by GetAConnect.in to create a content which is in line with our philosophy.

We ensure that the course is thoroughly reviewed by a team mixed of people with not only high level of expertise on the topic but also users who are supposed to consume that content.

When will I get certificate?

Once you complete the course successfully, in ‘My Courses’ tab under the respective certificate, a new icon will be reflected. If you click on that icon, you will be able to get a certificate with you First name, Last Name (please enter this while registering), Course name and Date. This will be a downloadable certificate in PDF format.

Click here to check how it looks like

How will my Certificate look like?

Once you complete the course formalities you will be able to download a PDF file of your Certificate of Completion.

It will be with you First Name, Last Name, Course Name and Date of Completion of the course.

It will look like this  – Click here to view your sample certificate

Why should I build my profile?

We have created profile help you make a cohort of like minded friends. It will help you find friends who have similar goals as yours. If you answer the question, ‘My immediate goals’, it will be reflected in your cover photo. This is done to help each of our users to know about immediate goals of other users and connect with them accordingly.

If you look at other profile fields, it is created considering the long term plan of GetAConnect.in to onboard recruiters on the portal. Well built profile with certificates/badges of different skills from our courses will help you impress employers in future.

How can I invite my friends?

You can also invite your friends to register at GetAConnect.in!

It’s pretty easy 👇

Click Here to know how to do that 

What are the terms & conditions? What is your privacy policy?

Please click here to know our ‘Terms of use & Privacy policy’

I am facing technical issues. Whom to contact?

Please write to us at [email protected] for any technical issues faced.

How good is your Lead Generation process?
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