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Our mind and bodies are closely interlinked.  Our attitudes beliefs and emotions come from our mind and have an affect on the state of our body.  Emotions like fear and anger affect every cell and organ in our body including the respiratory and immune systems. Our emotional state determines how we react to stress and strains of life. Our body too is affected positively or negatively by our state of mind. Many physical problems arise when the mind is not at rest.

Therefore, a harmony between the mind and body is a must.  Relaxation techniques and meditation help to overcome feelings like fear and insecurity. In this to-do section, you will learn two meditation techniques that will help calm your mind and body whenever you feel  any unease or fear that limits you to live your life as per your true self.


Breathe in smiling, feeling the healing, nourishing aspects of oxygen in your body. Feel the oxygen actually healing your body, restoring you to a peaceful state. As you hold the breath for a few seconds, imagine it radiating health and nourishment inside you especially on all tension points in your body . Then breathe out thinking “Release”, releasing all of the tension in your body through your exhale.

Calm/Let it go

Breath in thinking “Calm”. Feel the breath relaxing your body as you breath in. Hold the breath, which is easing tension in you as you hold it. Then breathe out thinking “Let it go”, feeling a sense of ease as you exhale.

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